Nestled  North of Albuquerque's city-limits in the green-belt area along the Rio Grande, lies the charming Village of Corrales. Designated "The Horse Capital of New Mexico"... Corrales has more horses per capita than anywhere in the state!  This oasis at the edge of the city is home to the Black Baroque-Cross horses of ROCOCO SPORT HORSES, a lighter, livelier version of the Baroque... truly the best of both worlds!

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We have reached out target-goal of Only 4 Horses!
ROCOCO SPORT HORSES is no longer in the "Horse Business". These 4 horses are our favorites... Our Forever-Horses!  We plan to SHOW, ride trails and enjoy their companionship for as long as God is willing. 

Thanks again to everyone that has viewed our site!  We have had almost 80,000 views to our ROCOCO SPORT HORSES website since 1/1/11 and hope to keep it going.  So please keep visiting and sending photos of your horses and updates on your accomplishments.  We are planning a special page for you!  

We have been blessed to know so many amazing horses and people over the years... THANK YOU!

2006 Black Friesian-Arabian by JIBBE/JOURNEY  (Tsjomme 329) X OFW ERYS (Parys el Jamaal) ROCKY is my BFF!  He stays with me as  long as Heavenly Father will allow. Visit Rocky's page for a list of his many  awards since May 2012... Legion of Honor, Legion of Merit, Legion of Supreme Honor and many times Half-Arabian Sport Horse Champion, USEF, USDF, and FSH Horse of the Year, Sport Horse Nationals Top 10.., Dressage Regionals 4th Place... and more. 

2004 Black Purebred Arabian Mare by OUTOFCYTE x ANAA (Thee Desperado) ANA has been a great broodmare... producing four gorgeous fillies and an amazing colt.  She is recovering from a bout  with Lamintis and is ok... but is a "special needs" horse and we owe her... so she stays and she will have a job as  a trail horse!

(photo by Mark J Barrett Photography)

2010 EE Black Friesian-Arabian Filly by HERTOG JAN vd PADDENSTEEG (Brandus 345) x Spring Orchidmeldy...  AKA "the Princess."  We last had her priced at $25K and MIGHT consider selling her at that price... maybe. Aley s under saddle for Dressage. She's a big girl... 15-3 and still growing!  She's ready for a Training-Level Dressage Test and maybe First Level very soon... training uder the capable hands of Michele Murphy!

(photo by Mark J Barrett Photography)

ROCOCO ARABESQUE  (BESS)  SOLD! Congratulations to Joanne Swanson Kaganf or finding her erfect horse... they are the perfect pair and shared an instant bond!  We are only letting Bess go because we know she will have a wonderful "Forever Home"  and future with the Kagans... Born May 29th, 2013 ... EE Black... Bess is Aley's little-sister She's simply a joy to have around, even sweeter than her big sis! and starting under saddle

Born April 15 2015 

(Dutch for Rococo "Wonder Horse" or Marvelous Steed) aka Von... Purebred Friesian Colt by Hertog Jan vd Paddensteeg  (Brandus 345) x Tryntsje Beitske (Erik 351)... Spectacular! Sweet llike his daddy! Huge!