The Hispano-Arabe.. a Rare Breed of Sport Horse
Congratulations to REAL ROMANCE... the 1ST EVER!
Few US horse-enthusiasts realize that an Arabian-Andalusian cross is an actual breed indigenous to Spain, with a Primary Stud Book held by Spain.  Known as a Pura Raza Hispano-Arabe (Pura Raza means "pure-blood"...of boni-fide approved breeding) this beautiful and ancient breed dates back to the Muslim invasion of the Iberian Peninsula early in the 8th Century.  The Hispano-Arabe evolved through it's use in Spain's cattle industry with the Domo Vaquero honing the breed to equestrian disciplines and is officially recognized by ANCADES (the Spanish Horse Association) as a Sport Horse.
The Hispano-Arabe provides an intermediate type of movement with good elevation and ample extensions without being too pronounced.  The horses are easy to handle, quick to learn, and work well with their riders and handlers.  They are docile yet agile, lively and responsive, steady, strong and capable of overcoming adverse situations without much effort.  It is a riding horse with the predisposition for Sport as in cross-country and jumping, the natural ability for the classical disciplines of dressage and Domo Vaquero work, and the temperament suited for group sports, endurance and long distance rides.
At this time the Pura Raza Hispano-Arabe is classified for special protection in Spain due to it's small numbers.  The UEGHa's Stud Book held in Spain is open to horses meeting the breed criteria as specified in the Stud Book Regulations, and the FIRST EVER US-Bred Hispano-Arabe was included this month... the black 2011 colt "REAL ROMANCE" from Rococo Sport Horses in New Mexico, who holds the first US UAEHa Breeder Number thru this prestigeous registry.
"REAL ROMANCE" (pronounced "Re-al Ro-man-say" in Spanish meaning "Regal Romance") was foaled on Easter Sunday 2011 at Romance Arabians/Rococo Sport Horses on Angus Lane in Corrales, NM.  The breeding program at this small farm has been the crossing of black purebred Arabian mares with black Baroque sires to produce a "lighter, livelier version of the Baroque"... Half-Arabian Sport Horses for the Arabian Horse Show Circuit as well as USEF and USDF competitions. (www.RococoSportHorses.com)
REAL's sire is black PRE Andalusian stallion CONQUISTADOR Xll and his dam a black purebred Arabian mare.  He is now inscriped as a purebred Pura Raza Hispano-Arabe, as well as registered Half-Arabian (HAHR) and Half-Andalusian (IALHA).  This tall colt is very personable, with fine proportions,  graceful silhouette, overall harmony and elegant movement.  He is a wonderful example of the Pura Raza Hispano-Arabe and will be an attribute to the breeding of this amazing rare and ancient breed in the USA, and an asset to the perpetuation of these wonderful Spanish horses.
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