ARABIANS trace their ancestry through several centuries of carefully documented bloodlines and breeding, many going back 300+ years to the desert in Egypt, where detailed pedigrees were kept.  The Arabian's beauty and intelligence has made them a very popular breed, with demand for them ever increasing. They cross so well with other breeds that the Half-Arabian Show Horses classes are bigger than ever.
FRIESIANS hail to Medieval times when they carried the King's Knights into battle dressed in full armor!  In the last century, there were as few as 300 purebred registered Friesians. But they are now under going a resurgence due to carefully controlled breed-management, and currently there are over 1000 Friesians in the registry...  still a rare breed. They were bred to pull carts, but have become highly desirable as Dressage Horses with an increasing demand for their power, gentlemess, athleticism and noble beauty.
ANDALUSIANS and LUSITANOS were traditionally used as War Horses in Spain and Portugal... ridden fearlessly into battle.  In Spain, they were almost exclusively owned by the Church or Kings and bred to be impressive to the King's subjects and intimidating to the enemy.  They were also required to carry the Spanish Nobility so a calm, quiet attitude was necessary.  Andalusians are beautiful in motion, gentle on the ground, and are proven athletes excelling in Dressage.  Spain has kept a stud-book and registry  for "Hispano-Arabes" (Andalusian-Arabian cross) for centuries and they are prized for Domo Vaquero ranch-work as well as Sport Horse competitions.
BAROQUE BREEDS include Friesians, Andalusians, Lusitanos, Knabstruppers, Shires, Gypsy Vanners and Cobs, some warmbloods... or combinations thereof... as the term refers to a BODY-STYLE rather than an actual breed: short-coupled, round bodied, thick necked with light to moderate feathering and an overall noble appearance
HALF-ARABIANS share the arena at the Arabian Horse Shows in a variety of classes to show case the large variety and types of Arabian-crosses. Increased interest in Arabian Sport Horse Classes necessitated the creation of a separate Arabian Sport Horse Nationals which grows in popularity every year, and Baroque-Arabians have entered this arena excelling in Sport Horse Under saddle & In-Hand, Dressage, Show-Hack and Show Jumping.
BAROQUE-ARABIANS excel in the Half-Arabian show circuit! They offer the beauty and intelligence of the Arabian and the size and noble attitude of the Baroque breeds, adding a new look at the Arabian Sport Horse classes.... a lighter, livelier version of the Baroque... truly the "best of both worlds"!
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