OUR 1ST "ROMANCE" passed on... she was my 1st horse ever and the answer to my dreams since I was a small child.  "Romy" was a Bask grand-daughter born April 22, 1980 and she became mine when she was 3. We taught each other everything.

Romy spent several years with Andrea, Issaiah and Linnette Deane just north of Santa Fe where they kept her loved, fit and healthy. She also spent several years with "my bestie Nanci" in Burbank where she taught little kids the art of horsemanship and rode the Griffith Park trails for hours and hours. She never objected to anything. She always tried her best. And she always remained mine. I promised her when I got her that I'd be sure she was always well-cared-for and loved.

She foaled a beautiful Copper-Chestnut colt with 4 white socks and a stripe... Burstzyn by the fabulous purebred MS Rafiq... and a wonderful Bay NSH Filly...Mandated Romance by DHF Mandate ...who was my Side-Saddle, Hunter Pleasure and Trail Companion. Several of her grand-get went on to achieve National Titles.
We are filled with wonderful memories of Romy and Mandy cantering along ditch-banks,  riding trails from Grants to Socorro, and walking along the streets of Country Club to the Zoo and Top Dogs!  I know she was happy, loved, appreciated and cherished for her entire life. We made sure of that.  She spent her last days walking around in our pasture with the respect of the younger horses that watched out for her, coming in to a safe stall and warm blanket at night, and all the Equine Senior, hay and attention she wanted.

Romy started me on the path of my "Life's Dream" and I owe her so much.  She was mine for half of my life, naturally it feels as if a piece of me is gone.  But she had grown tired... it was too hard for her to get up after she lay down. She was ready. So it's a little easier to say good-bye.  The tears aren't for her, they're for me because she was such a part of me and she's gone.

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ROMY  "Our Original Romance" Good-Bye. 2/25/18

Our 37 Year Old (1980) Bask-bred Arabian Mare was my 1st Horse!  She is the dam of Burstzyn and Mandated Romance and grand-dam of Mile High Romance, Wild Romance, Chance Romance and Envyabeau Romance.  She lived in LA with my bff for a few years, moved home, then spent several years in Northern NM as a Kids horse with the Deanes before coming   back home for her true retirement.  A truly amazing mare! Photo taken August 2017 @ 37 yrs old!


2002 Black PRE ANCCE  Revised Andalusian Mare 
Trail Horse and EE Broodmare... after a long search for a quiet trail-horse I found this beautiful sweet mare.  We're getting along just great and she's everything I wanted and more than I expected!


2006 Black Friesian-Arabian by JIBBE/JOURNEY  (Tsjomme 329) X OFW ERYS (Parys el Jamaal) ROCKY is my BFF!  He stays with me as  long as Heavenly Father will allow. Visit Rocky's page for a list of his awards: incl Legion of  Honor, Legion of Merit, Legion of Supreme Honor and many times Half-Arabian Sport Horse Ch, High-Point, USEF, USDF &  FSH Horse of the Year, Sport Horse Nat'ls Top 10, Dressage Regionals 4th Place... and more to come!


2004 Black Purebred Arabian Mare by OUTOFCYTE x ANAA (Thee Desperado) ANA has been a great broodmare... producing four gorgeous fillies and an amazing colt.  She is recovering from a bout with Lamintis and is ok... but is a "special needs" horse and we owe her... so she stays and will have a job as a babysitter and hopefully an embryo donor!

(Dutch for "Wonder Horse" or "Marvelous Steed")

2015 Black Purebred Friesian Colt  "VON"...
by Hertog Jan vd Paddensteeg  (Brandus 345) x Tryntsje Beitske (Erik 351) born May 15th 2015... Spectacularly Sweet just like his daddy!  And Huge! VON's  starts "work" is progressing nicely the last 6 weeks... photos to come soon. 


Banjo is 6 1/2 and Mandolin is 4! Both are Bloodhound "rescues" and are the cuddliest Hounds around!


Who Knew?
Three eggs per day,  they play the Xylophone and it looks like they might like to try Dressage. The Coyotes have had a devasting effect on the neighborhood chickens this year and we're down to two. So they're now in the back courtyard and we've added 4 chicks this Spring (2 Astrolorps and 2 Barred-Rocks.) They're more fun than I would ever have imagined and they make me laugh everyday!


My  precious "COAL"
Black as coal, soft as velvet, sweet as pie... is simply PURRRRRRFECT!