THIS SLIDE-SHOW contains photos of most of the horses listed here. They are horses or sires of horses owned or bred by ROMANCE ARABIANS/ROCOCO SPORT HORSES  and a history of the years we spent loving these beautiful creatures. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful horses & people along the way. Thanks to everyone that has touched our lives thru these beauties, and thank you to our Heavenly Father for these blessings.

Purebred Friesian colt by Herzog Jan vd Paddensteeg (Brandus 345) x Beitske 'E Heidekampe (Erik 351)
Friesian-Arabian colt by Sjoerd x Anoutofcyte Romance Feb 8-March 14 Our Little Angel "Cai"
  • Rococo Romance+++// 2006 K
Friesian-Arabian by Jibbe/Journey x OFW Erys RococoSportHorses.com
  • Nytely Romance 2009 K
Black  2009 Arabian Gelding by SHN'l Ch. PA Nyte Star x RC Dark Monet Karen Schrimpf, Reno NV
  • Thirdrate Romance 1980 C
Arabian foundation mare (MistrBask x 3B Kareesa)  Romance Arabians
Pecos Valley Arabians, Pecos NM
  • Byrsztyn 1992 C
Colt by MS Rafiq x Thirdrate Romance
Malilbu, CA
  • Mandated Romance 1993-07 B
NSH Mare by ASB DHF Mandate xThirdrate Romance Romance Arabians
  • Shana's Romance 2011 K 
Filly by Dutch Oldenburg Soprano x
AnOutOfCyte Romance
Laura Killian, Lancaster, PA
  • Real Romance 2011 K
PRE Hispano-Arabe Colt by Andalusian Conquistador Xll x Virginia City A by Desperado V
Suspension Sport Horses, Conroe TX
  • Serendipity Romance 2008 C
Filly by CH PA Nyte Star by First Cyte
Two Rivers Ranch, Chattanooga TN 
  • Virginia City A 2000 K
Arabian Mare by Desperado V
Shalissa Pierce, Portland OR
  • RC Dark Moniet 2000 K
Arabian Mare by Qahtann
Matthew Lopez, Conroe TX
  • Alegre Romance 2010 K and
  • Rococo Arabesque 2013 K
Friesian-Arab Fillies by Hertog Jan v.d. Paddensteeg Roccoco Sport Horses
  • Kinetic Romance 2006 K 
Arabian-Warlander Mare by Draco (Andalusian x Friesian) Rococo Sport Horses sold to Joanna Norman, AZ
  • Buttonwood Sashay 2007 K
Welsh Cob Pony Mare by Wynshire's Protege Tracy, Acton, CA 
  • Qahtanice Romance 2005 K
Straight Egyptian Mare by Qahtann
Safari Arabian Stud, Kuwait
  • Zoey Darq Thunder 2003 K
Friesian-Arab Mare by Danny (Brandus 345)  Hanna Bossler, AL
  • AnOutOfCyte Romance '04 K
Arabian Mare (GOV Approved) by Out of Cyte x Anaa (Thee Desperado)
Rococo Sport Horses
  • Serendipity Romance 2009 C
Arabian Filly by PA Nyte Star
Two Rivers Farm, Chattanooga TN
  • Two-Tymin Romance 2009 C
Arabian Gelding by PA Nyte Star
Platinum Performance Horses, NM
  • Godivas Romance 2009 C
Arabian Filly by PA Nyte Star
Matthew Lopez, Conroe TX
  • Black Magic Romance 2008 K
Arabian Filly by Klint Black
Two Rivers Ranch, Chattanooga  TN
  • Aralusive Romance 2008 P
Arabian-Andalusian Filly by Buckskin
Andalusian Cielito de Oro by Shapiro
Matthew Lopez, Conroe TX
  • Bittersweet Romance 2004-08
NSH Filly by NV Beau Bey x SPB Miss Priss Running Horse Ranch, Alb. NM
  • Mile High Romance '98-07 B 
NSH Gelding byBey Ninja
Brianna Valencia, Corrales,NM
  • Wild Romance 2001-2008 B
NSH Gelding by NV Beau Bey
Kylie Silver, Corrales NM
  • Chance Romance 2002 B
NSH Gelding by Emage OF 
Gloria Knight, Alb NM
  • Envyabeau Romance 2003 B
NSH Mare by NV Beau Bey
Brianna Valencia, Corrales NM
  • One Midnite Romance 2006 K
Arabian Mare by One Midnite Dream
Two Rivers Ranch, Chattanoogs, TN
  • Sultry Romance 2003 B
Arabian Gelding by NV Beau Bey
Heather Blashill, Amarillo TX
  • NXKYLAS 1990 G
Arabian Gelding (dressage)
  • SRSanadikslostluv 1993 C
Arabian Mare to El Shaklan
Valencia Farms, Corrales NM
  • SPB Miss Priss 1999 B
NSH Mare by Sir Port Bask
Carol and Tina Picarello, Corrales NM
  • MS Julianna B
Arabian Mare by El Paso by Bask and NSH filly, Kim Kansas
  • Kismet Romance B
Arab Mare by Naaja Black Turk x MS Julianna
Edgewood, NM
  • Julile's filly B
NSH Filly by ASB Golden Royale
  • Be Miesha C
Arabian mare by El Kasaka x Pyatigorsk
Studio City, CA
  • Symbolic Victory 1994 C
NSH by ABS Symbolic x Be Miesha
  • NSH Colt by "Buck" x Be Miesha sold InUtero 
  • "Lexi" 2013 K
Turbo-Friesian Filly by Anne 340 Sport x ANOUTOFCYTE ROMANCE  "Designer Baby" owned by Jenna Luther, WA
  • Midnite Reign Dance 2005 K/To
Registered Paint mare Dam of Rococo Midnite Blue 2015 colt

  • Ororo Beaurealis  2004 K
Hanovarian x Arabian by NV Beau Bey
  • Rococo Midnight Blue 2015 K
Friesian-Paint colt by Sjoerd x Midnight Reign Dance
  • Sjoerd (K)
Friesian Stallion Multi-Champion USEF Horse off the Year  3-DayRanch.com
  • Glorioso YR (K)
Homozygous black PRE Andalusian Stallion at  Yeguada Romerito
  • Legend of Khouraj (GG)
Homozygous Grey Sport Horse National Supreme Champion Arabian Stallion Starview Farms
  • Soprano (Blue Hors Soprano) K
Dutch Oldenburg Stallion by Sandro Hit sire of Shannas Romance OldeCountryFarm.com
  • Conquistador Xll (K)
PRE Andalusian Stallion sire of Real
  • SHN Ch. PA Nyte Star (Ee)
Black Arabian Stallion by First Cyte
PegasusArabiansNY.com sire of Seri, Diva, Timmy and LeRoy
  • SHN Ch. Klint Black
Black Arabian Stallion by Desperado V Sire of Midnite
  • Thee Desperado
Bay SE Stallion TheeDesperado,com
  • Desperado V 
 Arabian StallionVarianArabians.com
  • Out of Cyte & Cytosk
Black Arabian Stallion by Cytosk
  • Hertog Jan vd Paddensteeg
Friesian Stallion sire of Aley and Bess
  • Cielito del Oro
Buckskin Andalusian sire of Lusi PaintedDesertAndalusians.com
  • Shaphiro
Palomino Andalusian Stallion
  • NV Beau Bey
Black ArabianStallion FlyingARanch.com
  • Ravaldi KNN 142
Black-Based Few Spot Knabstrupper (died 2011) Knabstruppers4usa.com
  • Journey/Jibbe
 Friesian Stallion Sire of Rocky
  • Brandus 345
 Friesian Stallion Sire of Jan
  • Danny
 Friesian Stallion Sire of Zoey
  • Qahtahn
Black SE Grand-Sire of Tahnnia
  • Anne 340 Sport
Friesian Stallion sire of Lexi
  •  Reggae Rondezvous
Friesian X Paint Gelding
  • JoJo
Friesian Mare

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  • Laura Killian & Shana
Dressage at Devon 2014
Lancaster, PA
  • Hanna Bossler & Zoey
2012 & 2013 Youth Nationals Champion
  • Karen Schrimpf & Leroy
Reg. 3 Arabian Championships 2013
Reno, NV Regs. 7 & 3
  • Nicole Hill & Re-Al
Pin Oaks Charity Show
Katy, TX Reg. 9
  • Mariah Wilson & Timmy
Albuquerque, NM Reg. 8
  • Jenna Luther & Lexi
Seattle Washington, Reg.1
  • Joanna Norman & Kenna
Scottsdale, AZ Reg.7