ROCOCO SPORT HORSES: Breeding Black Baroque and Baroque X Arabian Sport Horses For Sport Horse Under Saddle, In-Hand, Dressage, Western Dressage  and Show Hack at Arabian Sport Horse competitions and USDF & USEF events. With Sport Horse conformation, intelligence and gentle personalities ROCOCO SPORT HORSES are "the Best of Both Worlds".

(photo: Rocky & Aley by Mark J Barrett Photography)

ARABIAN BLOOD is infused into various Warmblood breeding programs (typically every 3rd generation) to lighten the "draft-like" qualities of these breeds.  Today's equestrian-generation requires increased size in a mount, with beauty and good conformation always in demand and Baroque x Arabian Sport Horses are the perfect choice for Dressage and Sport Horse classes at AHA & USDF competitions.

ROCOCOSPORT HORSES... a lighter, livelier version of the Baroque.

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