Although this page looks like a "brag-book" it is intended as recognition that our numerous blessings come from Heavenly Father's Hand. Please share a few of our joyous moments and know that we thank Him for all that we have been given. We are ever grateful for His Blessings, and for the Gift of His Son Our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen..

We hope you have a Very Merry Christmas!

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  • ROCOCO ROMANCE Scottsdale All-Arabian Show W/D TOP 10 (4th) Basic (66.4) 
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE Scottsdale All-Arabian Show W/D TOP 10 Intro (62.87) 
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE Chamisa Value Show W/D Basic 1 (65.4)
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE Chamisa Value Show W/D Basic 3 (64.2)
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE REGION 8 CHAMPION Basic Western Dressage (69)
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE EXPO NM Basic & Intro Western Dressage 2nd  (70,85)
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE WDAA Basic (12 scores ) Average 66.9
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE WDAA Intro (6 scores) Average 67.185

  • ROCOCO ROMANCE FIRST SHOW: Zia Classic Sport Horse W/D BASIC  62.69
  • ROCOCO VON BENESTAR 5/26/18 BUCKSKIN Friesian-Lusitano/Arabian Colt by  Hertog Jan VD Paddensteeg
  • 1ST US BREEDER accepted into Spain's Hispano-Arabe Registry
  • 1ST US-BRED HORSE REAL ROMANCE accepted into Spain's Registry
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE 2012 Nat'l Top 10 Sport Horse In-Hand Gelding ATH
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE 2012 Reg. 8 Champion Half-Arabian Gelding
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE 2012 Reg. 8 Top 5 Sport Horse Under Saddle
  • ALEGRE ROMANCE 2012 Nat'l Top 10 Sport Horse In-Hand 2 YO Filly
  • ALEGRE ROMANCE 2012 Reg. 8 Champion Half-Arabian Filly
  • REAL ROMANCE 2012 USEF Reg. 5 Res Champion Half-Andalusian Halter
  • SHANA'S ROMANCE 2012 Reg.13 Res Champion Half-Arabian Halter
  • ANOUTOFCYTE ROMANCE accepted into Oldenburg Main-Mare Book
  • JULIE CULKIN AHA Rider of Honor Award
  • JULIE CULKIN USDF Training-Level Riders Certificate
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE USDF Training-Level Certificate
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ AHA Legion of Honor
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ AHA Legion of Merit
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ USEF HOTY HA/AA Champion Training-Level 
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ USEF HOTY HA/AA Champion First-Level Dressage
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ USEF HOTY HA/AA Res Champion Sport Horse
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ USDF HOTY HA/AA Res Champion Training-Level 
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ USDF HOTY Half-Arabian Res Champ Training-level               ROCOCO ROMANCE++ USDF Reg. 5 Dressage Championships 4th of 18! 
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ RMDS Champion Training-Level 1st Place of 23
  • ANOUTOFCYTE ROMANCE Friesian-Arabian Filly by Anne 340 Sport
  • ANOUTOOFCYTE ROMANCE Bred to SJORED (Friesian) for 2014
  • ROCOCO ARABESQUE Turbo-Friesian Filly by Hertog Jan vd Paddensteeg  Full-Sister to Aley born 5/29/13 
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++  USDF Dances with Horses l & Dances with Horses ll              Hi-Point Champion BOTH Shows!
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ 2013 Reg.8 Res. Champion HA/AA Sport Horse Gelding        In-Hand
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ 2013 Reg.8 Champion HA/AA Sport Horse Gelding     Dressage-Type
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ 2013 Reg.8 Champion Open Training-Level Dressage       High-Score of Show!
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ Reg.8 TOP 5 Training-Level  Dressage ATR 
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ 2013 Reg.8 Res. Champion Open HA/AA Sport Horse Under Saddle
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++ 2013 Reg.8 Top 5 HA-AA Sport Horse Under Saddle AT
  • ALEGRE ROMANCE 2013 Reg.8 CHAMPION HA/AA Mare Dressage-Type In-Hand
  • ALEGRE ROMANCE 2013 Reg.8 RES. CHAMPION Half-Arabian Mare In-Hand AT
  • JULIE and ROCKY Training -Level Rider Test Score of 85.4 at Horses Unlimited  Dressage Challenge l & ll
  • ROCOCO  ROMANCE++ Training-Level High Score 76.67 with 4-1st and 1-2nd Place at Dressage Challenge l & ll

  • ROCOCO  ROCAILLE Ana's Sjoerd colt (February 18 to March 14, 2014)
  • ALEGRE ROMANCE  Friesian X Arabian Filly started for Dressage .
  • ROCOCO ARABESQUE 2014 Friesian x Arabian Full-sister to Aleut
  • ROCKY has earned Legion of Honor, Legion of Merit, Legion of Supreme Honor and  
  • Legion of Supreme Merit in only 2 years of showing!
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++//Region 8 Champion A/AA/HA Training-Level Open
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++//Region 8 Champion A/AA/HA !st-Level Open
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++// Zia Classic l & ll Champion 1st-Level Open
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++// Zia Classic l &ll Champion Training-Level Dressage
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++// Zia Classic 1&11 Hi-Point BOTH Shows
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++// Region 8 High Score Dressage (all levels)
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++// Intro-B 3rd: OUR 1-st Ride at a Show Score 63.8!
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++// Dressage in the Rockies l & ll 1st Place 1st-Level Open T-3
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++/ 2014 USEF Horse of the Year Reg 8 Champion Half-Arab Dressage Training
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++// 2014 USEF Horse of the Year Reg 8 Champion Half-Arab Dressage First-Level
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++// 2014 USEF Horse of the Year Res Champion
            Half-Arab Sport Horse In Hand
  • ROCOCO ROMANCE++// 2014 Friesian Sport Horse Silver Champion SHIH
  TO BE UPDATED: WHOA... 2015, 2016, 2017