Thank you Johanna Dralle, for knowing how to teach and for your encouragement.
        I wouldn't have believed we could come this far in such a short time. You' re the BEST COACH EVER!

We have had over 4 dozen horses including 2 dozen+ foals during our horse-career and 
over 115,000 views to our website since 1/11/11 (almost 1000 in the last month!)
I know we've said it before but we are finally ready to retire in the Spring! 
We have only 3 horses and intend to sell one more... Rocky stays, of course, but who else?BENE is such a doll and anybody can ride ACE so I just can't make up my mind!  
I'm thinking of keeping whoever is left?

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ROCOCO ROMANCE +++/ (ROCKY)  2006 Friesian Sport Horse Gelding  NFS EVER! by Jibbe (Tsjomme 329) X  OFW Erys (Parys el Jamaal)
ROCKY is my BFF... we just  earned our 1st score over 70 (70.85)  He stays with me as long as Heavenly Father will allow. Visit his page for a list of awards including: 2019 Champion Region 8 Basic Western Dressage, Legion of  Honor, Legion of Merit, Legion of Supreme Honor, many Half-Arab SH Championships, High-Point Friesian Sport Horse Medals, High-Point Dressage Scores, USEF, USDF & FSH Horse of the Year, SHN'l In-Hand Top 10, and more!

ROCOCO  WONDER ROS  (VON)  2015 Purebred Friesian Gelding (Dutch for "Wonder Horse" or "Marvelous Steed") SOLD by Hertog Jan vd Paddensteeg (Brandus 345) X Tryntsje Beitske (Erik 351).  VON was "broke to ride" with TOAH HATCH at 3 and we are gently working at home. He's still young and slowly-maturing... so now is the time to get him going your way!  I love his gentle, sweet, respectful personality, always wants to please, and never challenges.  He's still growing and gianormous!

ROCOCO VON BENESTAR  (BENE)  2018  Buckskin Friesian Sport Horse Gelding  FOR SALE (Under $10K)
by "Jan" with a Palomino LUSITANO X ARABIAN dam... BENE is VON's half-brother born May 26, 2018.  He is growing like a weed (@15-1+) and as a Half-Friesian he has only begun to grow!  BENE is the easiest, sweetest, calmest, most confident colt we've EVER had.  My vet and farrier love him!  He joined the family with no stress or drama, he's just loves to snuggle, and he moves like a dream.  He has the yearling stuff down and should be ready to start more serious work in 2020. Western Dressage? Classical? Have it your way!

ACE OF SPADES  (ACE)  2008 Black Percheron-QH Gelding FOR SALE (Under $5K)
Finally... a super cool "anybody can ride"  trail-horse!  We
have little history on him but he s a "whatever" kind of guy and in no hurry. He's been a great  baby-sitter got  Bene and is the 1st horse 11 yr old Charlie ever asked to ride and they did great!' @ 15-2, solid black, legs like tree-trunks, a big rump and a super-cute face!  After eye-irritation from the flies he haappily shoves his face into his fly-mask! He's @11 year old and a wise old soul!

THE BLOODHOUNDS... Banjo is almost 8 already, weighing in at 120# and Mandolin is 6 1/2 and 110#... Together they are a whole lot of DOG!  Both are Bloodhound "rescues" and the cuddliest and "bestest-beasties" EVER. They're always ready to GO and think they're "Top Dog" in their Jeep.  I LOVE Bloodhounds.  But they aren't for everyone since they shed all year long and fling slobber any time they move their adorable faces... but you gotta love those ears!

Eggs every day, they play the Xylophone, come running when I call, and sit on my lap to talk to me! Coyotes have had a devastating effect on Corrales chickens this year and only Frittada remained. But my awesome neighbor Ashley gave us Meringue so we have 2!  They're SOOO cute, more fun than I would ever have imagined and they make me laugh everyday!

Precious "COAL"... I love this little critter! He was a Christmas Kitty, hence the name COAL... and he's as black as coal, soft as velvet, and sweet as pie.  He is SIMPLY PURRRFECT!