Yippee-ki-yay!  2018 Zia Classic/Region 8 Championships
Region 8 Top 5 Western Dressage Basic... My 1st ever tests with the lope/canter! 
Best part? The Judge's comment:
THANK YOU JOHANNA DRALLE... for knowing how to teach and for your encouragement... simply the BEST.
                                                                      Our 1st "ROMANCE"

We have had over 4 dozen horses (including 2 dozen plus foals) during our horse-career
and 100,000+ views to our website since 1/11/11
We saved 3 for ourselves... but we usually know of horses for sale so please keep visiting.
We have been blessed to know so many amazing horses and people and we keep in touch with
many of our horses. Please send us your photos and accomplishments so we can start a page for
Romance Arabians and Rococo Sport Horses!


2008 Black EE "Double Boogie Darlin" is an AQHA registered Quarter Horse mare.  "Darlin" was  "Home on the Range "for several years years and foaled  a beautiful  filly in 2017.  @15-2hh EE Black  smart and easy to handle.  Darlin is heading to the BENESTAR RANCH as a surrogate mare for JAN BABIES!


2002 Black PRE ANCCE  Revised Andalusian Mare 
Trail Horse and EE Broodmare... after a long search for a quiet trail-horse I found this beautiful sweet mare. She's everything I wanted and more than I expected... one super mare... slightly sway-backed and her tummy hangs but riding will only help! English Western Bareback... your choice!  "T" is going to Los Alamos as a riding-horse. 


2006 Black Friesian-Arabian by JIBBE/JOURNEY  (Tsjomme 329) X OFW ERYS (Parys el Jamaal) ROCKY is my BFF!  He stays with me as  long as Heavenly Father will allow. Visit Rocky's page for a list of his awards: incl Legion of  Honor, Legion of Merit, Legion of Supreme Honor and many times Half-Arabian Sport Horse Ch, High-Point, USEF, USDF &  FSH Horse of the Year, Sport Horse Nat'ls Top 10, Dressage Regionals 4th Place... and now WD with ME up!


2004 Black Purebred Arabian Mare by OUTOFCYTE x ANAA (Thee Desperado) ANA has been a great broodmare having  produced four gorgeous fillies and an amazing colt.  She is recovered from a bout with Lamintis and is now a "special needs" horse. We owe her so Ana is now enjoying semi-retirement in Glorieta as a GORGEOUS Pasture Ornament  Companion Horse where she will be well-loved! Cart-horse maybe?  

(Dutch for "Wonder Horse" or "Marvelous Steed")

2015 Black Purebred Friesian Colt  "VON"...
by Hertog Jan vd Paddensteeg  (Brandus 345) x Tryntsje Beitske (Erik 351) born May 15th 2015... Spectacularly Sweet just like his daddy!  And Huge!  VON' is currently training with TOAH HATCH... I rode him the first time... bareback and bridleless thru an obstacle course!  Going back soon to ride the trails and maybe some dressage work? He will be there thru August for sure...


Banjo is 6 1/2 weighing in at 131# and Mandolin is 4 and only 101#... and together they are a whole lot of DOG! 
Both are Bloodhound "rescues" and are the cuddliest Hounds around. They are always ready to GO and think t
hey are Top Dog in their Jeep!


Who Knew?
Eggs every day, they play the Xylophone, come running when I call... and it looks like they might like to try Dressage!  Coyotes have had a devastating effect on Corrales chickens this year and only one of the originals is left.  But we added 4 chicks... 2 Astrolorps and 2 Barred-Rocks plus 2 new babies
IDK what kind... but they"e SOOO cute! The  Girls are more fun than I would ever have imagined and they make me laugh everyday!


My  precious "COAL"... I love this little critter!
Black as coal, soft as velvet, sweet as pie...  he is simply PURRRRRRFECT!  




Our little "Rescue Goat." ...appears to be either a Black Hawaiian or Welsh Mountain SHEEP... we will know when he either sheds or needs to be sheered respectively. Pretty cute either way.

BTW and FYI: a Goat's tail goes UP and a Sheep's tail goes DOWN!

The NEW KID : Our New "JAN"  Colt born May 26th 2018... details to follow soon!