Baroque x Arabians... a lighter, livelier version of the Baroque
"the best of both worlds"

BAROQUE is a term referring to a period of 17th Century Architecture and Art History characterized by a grand and ornate style. During this period, riding was elevated to an art form and breeds of horses that rose in popularity during this era continue to awe riders with their movement, beauty, and strength.  Baroque breeds descended from horses of the Middle Ages and the term Baroque, as it applies to horses today, refers to a body-style rather than a particular breed. The Baroque breeds share many attributes such as a thicker neck extending from the top of the withers rather then the lower part of the shoulders, with a short-backed body and sloping croup which allows ease of engagement and collected work. The mane and tail are rich and full. The temperament is willing and brave, with a strong desire to work with his rider.  

ROCOCO refers to the period following the Baroque (circa the 18th century) exemplified by a livelier enthusiasm... lighter, and more graceful.  

ARABIANS are a lighter breed of horse tracing ancestry through many centuries of carefully documented breeding... back 300+ years... to the deserts of Egypt.  Arabian blood is infused into many draft and warm-blood breeding programs to produce a lightness to the breeds.  The Baroque-Arabian cross..."ROCOCO SPORT HORSES" are a lighter, livelier version of the Baroque... the best of both worlds

BAROQUE BREEDS include the Friesian, Andalusian, Knabstrupper, Lusitano, Lippizzan, Shire, Gypsy Vanner and Welsh Cob, some warm-bloods, and/or combinations thereof... as the term refers to a BODY-STYLE rather than an actual breed: short-coupled, round bodied, thick necked with light to moderate feathering and overall noble appearance 

FRIESIANS hail to Medieval times when they carried the Knights into battle dressed in full armor.  In the last century there were as few as 300 purebred registered Friesians!  They are now undergoing a resurgence and due to carefully controlled breed management there are now over 1000 Friesians in the registry... still a rare breed. They were bred to pull carts, but they have become respected as Dressage mounts with increasing demand for their power, gentle attitude, willing bond, athleticism and noble beauty. 

ANDALUSIANS & LUSITANOS were traditionally used as War Horses in Spain and Portugal respectively.  Historically, Andalusians were almost exclusively owned by the Church or the Spanish King and bred to be impressive to the King's subjects and intimidating to the enemy. But they were also required to carry the Spanish Nobility so a calm, quiet attitude was necessary.  Andalusians and Lusitanos are beautiful in motion, gentle on the ground, and proven athletes. 

BAROQUE X ARABIANS excel in the Half-Arabian show circuit... the increased interest in Arabian Sport Horse Classes necessitated the creation of a separate Arabian Sport Horse Nationals and Baroque-Arabians entered into this arena in Sport Horse Under Saddle & In-Hand, Dressage, Western Dressage, Show-Hack and Show-Jumping. They offer the beauty and intelligence of the Arabian with the size and noble attitude of the Baroque breeds adding a new look to the Half-Arabian Sport Horse classes, which are bigger and more popular than ever! 

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